Big enough to handle your smallest needs
small enough to care about your biggest wants.

There are a lot of places to buy hardwood flooring these days. Big box stores, direct from the manufacturer, even online. Choosing an experienced flooring company is as important as the type of flooring you decide to purchase.
At Praters, we believe that you need to see and feel the wood before you can make a decision for your home. We have a fully stocked showroom with samples of all the woods we stock.


Why Dustless?

We care about your home, pets, and possessions, as well as your and our employee’s health. We do everything we can to minimize the invasiveness of dust during the installation process.
The traditional sand and finish process, which uses solvent-based finishing products and lacks dust containment, creates an environment of hazardous airborne wood dust and harmful fumes in a home or business. Microscopic particles can cause irritation and allergic reactions, especially those with respiratory problems or asthma. Why take chances when you now have the option of dust-free sanding?

Every job we do at Praters recieves the fullest attention to detail and craftmanship. But you don't have to take our word for it, take the word of our satisfied customers.